Steam Punk Nutt

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Vape Nutts are authentic industrial nuts straight from the source. Vape Nutts may not be polished but they’re beautiful, dings, scratches and all. *Steam Punk's finish can vary and current stock is lighter color than pictured.

Any electronic cigarette that has a diameter of 7/8 inches (22.2mm) or less will sit in your Vape Nutt. It's about the same size as a quarter.

The nut is one-half pound of steel that keeps your e-cig stable and virtually eliminates tipping and crashing to the table. The nuts measure 2-1/8th inches in diameter.

The silky soft 100% silicone protects your e-cig investment and your furniture. The 1/8 inch thick base pad lets you safely place your Vape Nutts on any surface without damage.