SLM Midnight

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The SLM has all the great qualities of the VNC but slimmed down to fit the popular Evod sized devices. This vape holder has a full 11/16" (17.5mm) inside diameter and a 1-5/16" outer diameter.

The VNC was engineered to provide greater stability than our popular Nutts while also reducing the overall dimensions and weight.

The VNC has a heavy solid steel base that is only 3 ounces lighter that our Nutts but the silicone base is 17% larger with a mild suction cup design for overall greater stability. The VNC virtually eliminates those nasty knock-overs.

The silky soft 100% silicone protects your e-cig investment from scratches and base cap wear. With its 1/8 inch silicone base you can vape and not worry about scratching even the finest furniture.