Bill S-5

2017 Mar 17th

The Canadian government is currently working on Bill S-5 to federally regulate the vaping industry. Here is what you need to know:

- Flavour bans: Although shops will be 18+ facilities, apparently flavours are "appealing to youth" and your favourite flavours are at risk of being banned.

- Education: Canadian citizens will be stripped of the right to inform and educate on vaping. It will be illegal to compare vaping with tobacco.

The Canadian governments proposal and concerns on vaping can be found here. The Latest updates and full bill can be found here.

The Canadian Vaping Association has released a great resource on both how to write your statements when emailing your concerns as well as outlining the problems contained in the bill. Click here to download.

What can you do?

Contact the Senators and Members of Parliament in your riding. Let them know in a respectful, concise manner why access to vaping, flavours and the ability to educate customers is important to you. Tell them the stories of how vaping has helped you or the people you know. The bans on flavours, bans on education, etc. could eradicate the industry in this country. Share this with friends and family so our message can be heard.

Send your stories to before April 13th