Bill S5, How is this still a thing?

2017 Oct 13th

Bill S5 is being lumped into existing tobacco legislation and it's leading the vape industry in Canada to fight the good fight. Drastic changes like losing access to the vast majority of flavours, una … read more

Bill S-5

2017 Mar 17th

The Canadian government is currently working on Bill S-5 to federally regulate the vaping industry. Here is what you need to know:- Flavour bans: Although shops will be 18+ facilities, apparently flav … read more
Canadian Vaping Association

Canadian Vaping Association

2016 Dec 16th

Have any questions on regulation or the science behind vaping? Head over to The Canadian Vaping Association website for more information! … read more

Someone thinks were dapper!

Posted by Chris on 2016 Oct 4th

We had the pleasure of having Tania Moffat from Lifestyles55 stop by to write this really wonderful article about the shop and how we're really trying to give our guest a different experience wit … read more